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Articles on science, technology, and pop culture


Analysis of the college bowl selections for 2017.
Cities built from scratch using driverless electric cars, prefab housing, and hydroponics can solve problems that existing cities can't.
The 2020 Presidential Primaries and the mathematics of elections


The rocketry renaissance: Aircraft launch, ion drives, space habitats, and moon ice.
The platinum in a 1 km metal asteroid is worth 1 trillion $, and we already have the technology to get it.
Solar cells an investment return competitive with high-risk stocks.
Electric cars outperform gasoline cars in all ways except range.
The NFL regular season matters for the playoffs and the NBA regular season doesn't.
Flying electric cars are easy to make and can fly for 30 minutes.
The only way to defend the Earth from asteroids is with hydrogen bombs. All other methods are too feeble.
New superalloys exceed the strength-to-mass ratio of diamond.
A pocket nuclear battery can power a laptop for 20 years.
Bringing an iron asteroid to the Earth provides colossal carbon-free energy.
Thorium is an untapped source of nuclear energy with reserves as large as uranium.
Great Americans and great American things.
The biochar technique produces CO2-free electricity from biomass.
Mars can be terraformed within 30 years by crashing a Kuiper belt object into it.
We have the technology to build a fission rocket that can reach Alpha Centauri in 50 years.
Geoengineering can fix any climate problem, hence we don't have to worry about CO2.
Space mirrors are affordable and they can do whatever we want with the Earth's climate.
The technology needed to build cities on the Moon and Mars was available decades ago.
Physics of Valyrian steel.
Physics of Game of Thrones Wildfire.
Icebergs can supply the tropics with cheap fresh water.
The Antarctic ice flow into the ocean can be slowed with the "crushed ice" technique.
Advances in battery technology are changing the game of electric vehicles.
We can build an electron collider with a particle energy of 100 TeV, 100 times that of the Large Hadron Collider.
A telescope renaissance will occur when we build a space station at the Lagrange L2 point.
The chief obstacle to solar system exploraton is radiation and it can only be solved with ice from the moon.
The future of ground telescopes is Antarctica.
Laser fusion will work long before plasma fusion.
Technetium is an unexplored miracle metal.
The radioactive waste produced by nuclear reactors cannot be fully neutralized.
Astronauts going to Mars can expect a luxurious ride in a spaceship larger than most Manhattan apartments.
Washington State is overdue for a volcanic eruption.
San Francisco is overdue for a magnitude 8 earthquake.
The little-known "Oberth maneuver" is the key to solar system exploration, and only chemical rockets can harness it.
There are likely alien civilizations with a billion year head start on us, and they have plenty of time to get here.
The space shuttle was senseless. The reentry vehicle need only be a 4 ton ball of iron obtained from the moon.
Fertilizing the oceans with iron is a cheap way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
Antarctica is the best place for wind turbines.
Nuclear transmutation can produce cheap platinum, ruthenium, and rhodium.
The world's largest telescope is the "Square Kilometer Array" radio telescope.
The ion drive has been perfected by Chang-Diaz and is ready for solar system missions.


Online classes at the American Museum of Natural History

I teach the "Solar System" and "Space, Time, and Motion" classes at AMNH.

Courses taught:
Physics of Music
Physics: Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Lab, Quantum mechanics, Relativity
Astronomy, Astrobiology
Computational physics
History of Western Civilization, History of Science
Python programming
Viola performance
Wrestling, Rugby

Astrophysics research

* The Phurba algorithm: theory
* The Phurba algorithm: tests
* Magnetic turbulence
* Alfven turbulence
* Helical dynamo
* Theory of resolution in turbulence simulations: Gradients
* Theory of resolution in turbulence simulations: Diffusion
j a s o n d e l e t e m a r o n a t g m a i l
twitter: jaymaron

Other interests

Columbia Rugby, tighthead prop
Columbia Bach Society

Shaolin kung fu
Caltech floorhockey

True neutral:  I serve the realm. Someone must.
Your defenses must be as flexible and inventive as the arts you seek to undo
If you do not study, you shall not pass!
It's my job to think as dark wizards do. When it comes to the dark arts I believe in a practical approach. You need to know what you're up against.

Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler

Much to learn, you still have
Never bring words to a number fight
Complex problems have simple, easy to understand, wrong answers

Earth. Not my problem.
Do you really believe that just because you downloaded a kung fu program that you can do kung fu?
I have seen memes come and go so fast that they can hardly be said to have occured at all

Would you care to explain your logic?
One does not simply pass without studying
Helmholtz: I have no satisfaction in formulas unless I feel their arithmetical magnitude
The Scotch must flow!

General Curtis LeMay: Flying fighters is fun. Flying bombers is important.
Playing violin is fun. Playing viola is important.
I like to think of it as the "Prime Suggestion"
An orchestra is only as strong as its last viola


U. Wisconsin student center
Rathskeller bar in the UW student center

Green Bay, Wisconsin, population 104057
Lambeau Field, capacity 81435

University of Wisconsin, BS in Physics and Mathematics
Caltech, PhD in Physics

Caol Ila


Port Askaig

Order of magnitude material on the web

Once upon a time, Professors Peter Goldreich and Sterl Phinney pioneered an order-of-magnitude physics class at Caltech.

"The art of insight in science and engineering", Sanjoy Mahajan
"Street-fighting mathematics, the art of educated guessing and opportunistic problem solving", Sanjoy Mahajan
"Order-of-magnitude physics: understanding the world with dimensional analysis, educated guesswork, and white lies", Peter Goldreich, Sanjoy Mahajan, and Sterl Phinney
"Order-of-magnitude physics", Jay Maron
"The solar system", Eric Blackman
"Astropedia", Chris Impey
"The astronomical reach of fundamental physics", Adam Burrows and Jeremiah Ostriker
David Hogg, "Real-world physics: a dropped bucket"
David Hogg, "Air resistance"
Sanjoy Mahanan and David Hogg, "Introductory physics, the new scholasticism"
Sterl Phinney, Caltech
Eugene Chiang, Berkeley
Nir Shaviv, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Helmholtz: "I have no satisfaction in formulas unless I feel their numerical magnitude."

Badass training material

"Advanced mathematical methods for scientists and engineers", by Bender & Orszag
"Numerical Recipes", by William Press, Saul Teukolsky, William Vetterling, and Brian Flannery
The Bach chaconne for viola

Shaolin abbott: What is the highest technique you hope to achieve?
Bruce Lee: To have no technique.

Neil deGrasse Tyson (tweet): Kf you seek only easy problems to solve, then ultimately, there'll be nothing about you to distinguish yourself from others.

Richard Askey (mathematician): If things are nice there is probably a good reason why they are nice: and if you do not know at least one reason for this good fortune, then you still have work to do.

Topics for public talks

Predicting what the aliens will look like
The mightiness of wikipedia
Pythagoras and the invention of the 12-tone musical scale
Physics of playing musical instruments
Badass scientists
Game of thrones physics
Shaolin kung fu and astrobiology
Restoring visual acuity through meditation
"Not even wrong": how to shoot down bull
The end of the universe
Asteroid mining
Ancient greek astronomy and measuring the size of the solar system
Customizing the earth's climate
Physics of wrestling
Terraforming mars
The future of energy
The story behind the demotion of pluto
Formula-1 racing
Playoff systems and the college football postseason


Neil deGrasse Tyson
Pedro da Silva. composer/guitarist
Brian Malow, The Science Comedian
Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History
Columbia Rugby
Julie Urban     Planthopper
Matthew Bertone     Entomology, systematics, media
Not Even Wrong     Peter Woit
Cosmic Variance     Sean Carroll

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