Order of Magnitude Physics Problems

What is the maximum frequency of a violin string?
What is the minimum parachute size for a skydiver?
How far underwater do you have to go to evade bullets?
How much engine power does it take to move a Formula-1 car at 300 kph?
How much antimatter does a death star need to make a planet explode? What is the largest asteroid that a 10 Megaton hydrogen bomb can destroy?
If a baseball is hit hard enough for a home run, how much farther will it travel in Coors field compared to Yankee Stadium?
How far can a car go if the fuel tank is replaced by a Lithium battery or an ultracapacitor?
How hot was the sun's core when it was initially formed during gravitational collapse?
What is the minimum mass for a planet to have a nitrogen atmosphere?
What is the minimum power for human-powered flight on Titan? What is the stall speed? Gravity Atmosphere Density m/s^2 kg/m^3 Venus 8.87 67. Titan 1.35 5.3 Earth 9.78 1.2 Mars 3.8 .020