Windmills and the global sea level
Molecules in a gas
Brownian motion

V = Average wind speed P = Windmill power Windmill themoretical maximum efficiency = 59% Windmill effective efficiency = 40% World power usage ~ 1.5*10^13 Ocean surface area = 3.6*10^14 meters^2 The power generated by a windmill farm is P ~ 1200 * (V/10)^3 Watts/meter^2 In Cape Denison, Antarctica, the average wind speed is 20 meters/second. This is the windiest place on the planet. Suppose we use a windmill farm in Cape Denison to pump seawater onto Antarctica. What is the mass of the top 10 centimeters of the Earth's oceans? What is E, the energy required to raise this mass by a height of 1 km? How much power is generated by a 10^4 km^2 windmill farm in Cape Denison? How long does it take for this farm to generate an energy of E? If the sea level dropped by 10 centimeters, what would you estimate is the gain in land area?