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Destructive patents
Twitter               Tweeting
Facebook              Photo tagging
Wright Brothers       The Wright Company and Curtiss Company formed a patent thicket
                         in 1917 for fixed-wing flight and gouged it.
Apple                 Liquid metal (amorphous metal)
Apple                 Magnetic connectors. They price gouge and bar others from using it
Apple                 Removed the audio jack, forcing users to use bluetooth.
                         Apple dominates the bluetooth headphone market. Article.
3D printing           Patent trolls gouged the price to $10000
Reebok                Collapsable shoe
Sewing machines       "Sewing Machines Corporation" formed in 1856 with patent monopoly
MgB2 superconductors  Doping with titanium is patented
Smartphones           Patent thicket dominated by Samsung and Apple
UFC                   Octagon-shaped arena. Use of the phrase "The octagon"
Transistor            Patent revoked in the interests of national development
Xerox                 Patent trust for photocopying technology
Video compression     MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 are patented
GIF                   Patented by Unisys. PNG format invented as an alternative
Walmart               Self-driving shopping cart
Medical care          The American Medical Association holds a legislative monopoly on medical care
Eye care              The optometrists hold a legislative monopoly on eye care
Smelting              "Hot blast" patented in 1828 by Nielson and gouged
Epipens               Mylan holds the patent on the auto-injector and gouges it
Elsevier              Online peer review.

3D printing

In 2009, 3D printers cost $10000 because of patent gouging, particularly the patent for the "fused deposition modeling printing process". Formlab sued by 3D systems and now collects a 8% royalty from them.

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