Solar system

Youtube: Star formation
Youtube: Sun
Youtube: Jupiter
Colbert Report: Neil deGrasse Tyson on the definition of a planet
Youtube: Simulation of a small moon in Saturn's rings. Tidal effect.
Youtube: Planet formation. Low-mass planet
Youtube: Planet formation, disk turbulence
Youtube: Planet formation. Multiple planets.
Youtube: Tidal bulge of the Earth induced by the moon
XKCD: The environment of Titan
XKCD: Asteroid impacts
Minute Physics: Why is the solar system flat?
Minute Earth: Mountain height
PHET: My Solar System
UNL: Seasons
UNL: Moon phases
UNL: Phases of Venus, heliocentric model
UNL: Ptolemy
UNL: Tides


Youtube: Ocean currents
Youtube: Hadley cells
Minute Earth: Hadley cells
Minute Earth: Atmospheric escape
Youtube: Hurricane
Youtube: Antarctica glacier flow
Youtube: Auroras
Youtube: Atmospheric distortion of a star (twinkling).
Minute Physics: Star twinkling

Space exploration

Youtube: Dawn spacecraft trajectory to Vesta and Ceres
Youtube: Trajectory to Mercury
Youtube: New Horizons trajectory to Pluto
Youtube: The Stratolaunch aircraft
XKCD: Gravity wells
XKCD: Launching a rocket into orbit
XKCD: Escape velocity
XKCD: Landing on an asteroid
XKCD: Gravity assists and ion drives
Minute Physics: How do airplanes fly?


Youtube: ATP synthase
Youtube: Cell membrane
Youtube: Undersea volcanism
Youtube: Deep-sea squid
Youtube: Breathing cycle
XKCD: Detecting extraterrestrial civilizations
Minute Physics: Finding exoplanets
UNL: Eclipse method
UNL: Radial velocity method
UNL: Planet habitable zone


Youtube: Cosmological galaxy formation
Youtube: Galaxy merger
Youtube: Galaxy mergers
Youtube: Milky Way black hole
Youtube: Black hole consuming a star
Youtube: Supernova
Youtube: Black hole merger
Youtube: Simulation of galactic spiral density waves

Blackbody radiation

Youtube: Blackbody radiation
PHET: Blackbody radiation


PHET: Gases
PHET: Balloons and buoyancy


Minute Physics: Brownian motion
PHET: Build an atom
Minute Physics: Einstein and atoms


Minute Physics: How far is a second?
Minute Physics: Relativity isn't relative
Minute Physics: E=MC^2 is incomplete
Minute Physics: The speed of light in glass
Minute Physics: Magnets
Youtube: Relativity, Lorentz transform
Youtube: Relativity, time dilation
Youtube: Relativity and magnetism
Youtube:How special relativity makes magnets work


Minute Physics: Picture of the big bang (oldest light in the universe)
Minute Physics: Tour of the map of the big bang>
Minute Physics: Open letter to the universe>
Minute Physics: Amazing simulation of the evolution of the universe
Minute Physics: What is the universe?
Minute Physics: Parallel universes: Many Worlds
Minute Physics: The true science of parallel universes
Minute Physics: A brief history of everything featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson
Youtube: Where was the big bang?
Youtube: Do we expand with the universe?
Youtube: How big is the universe?
Minute Physics: What are years... and the galactic supermassive black hole


PHET: Beta decay
PHET: Nuclear fission


Minute Physics: Higgs boson I
Minute Physics: Higgs boson II: Mass
Minute Physics: Higgs boson III: How to discover a particle
Minute Physics: Theory of everything (intro)>
Minute Physics: Theory of everything: What is matter?>
Minute Physics: Theory of everything III, every force in nature
Youtube: Large Hadron Collider
PHET: Photoelectric effect


Youtube: American Museum of Natural History "Asimov Debate" on the multiverse


Youtube: Antikythera device
XKCD: Telescopes
XKCD: Neutrino damage from a nearby supernova
PHET: Waves on a string
PHET: Diffraction