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Windows 10
Dr. Jay Maron

Command line

Windows has a built in command-line environment called "bash" that is similar to linux. It can run most commands as well as interactive python. To install bash you need Windows 10, a 64-bit CPU, and a 64-bit operating system.

To install bash, first make sure that you have installed the Windows 10 Aniversary Update.

Instructions for installing bash on Windows 10.

Python is included in bash but it includes few libraries. "math" is one of the only ones. To install more libraries, type:

> sudo apt-get install python-numpy
> sudo apt-get install python-scipy
> sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

To remove a library type:

> sudo apt-get autoremove python-numpy

Windows utilities

The best free utilities for Windows are:

Text editor           Emacs
Pogramming language   Python
Computer Graphics     Blender
Video editing         Windows Movie Maker
Audio editing         Audacity

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